the résumé of adam georgiou

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  • in Denver, CO
  • from New York


To satisfy my curiosity. To create. To search for and discover new obsessions. To respect my current responsibilities. To have moral, fruitful impact. To maximize energy and interest in the name of follow-through. To scratch the itch. To itch the unscratched. Etc.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Dual B.S. Degree in Computer Science & Marketing
  • GPA: 3.9


Senior Software Engineer @ Google

  • Google Drive Frontend
  • Double Click Ads Verification Frontend
  • Lead of the Drive Web Offline experience - using Service Workers and Local Storage to make Drive (and Docs) work without a network
  • Server Side Render Drive Web to improve page load by 30%.
  • Build APIs allowing other applications (Google and third-party) to extend the Google Drive Web Frontend

Software Engineer III @ Google

  • Double Click Ads Verification Frontend
  • Built fast graphs and tables for Ad data.
  • Built middleware to multiplex multiple data sources to a single frontend
  • Lead team of 2 engineers to rewrite the application from a combination of GWT and Angular JS to Angular Dart.

Software Engineer III @ FactSet Research Systems Inc.

  • Real-time search and alert access to financial market data
  • Provide real-time search and alert access to market data via multi-machine, multi-process, C++, Linux, Elasticsearch stack
  • Implemented company-wide Python environment from scratch (i.e. no in-house python support prior), including a build/integration system (via BuildBot, setuptools, pylint) and distribution mechanism (via internal PyPI server and PIP)
  • Lead team of 2 engineers

Intern @ FactSet Research Systems Inc.

  • Built an application framework for rapidly developing prototype software, allowing developers to quickly demonstrate usage of our established services without having to roll out an entire frontend build
  • Developed HTML/JavaScript-based market data searching application in said framework that could be updated and played with instantaneously, whereas our native desktop application took a nontrivial amount of time to build and deploy
  • jQuery(UI) client, Django Backend

The George List (Currently Offline)

  • Built a website that aggregates all the concerts going on in NYC
  • Python and Scrapy for the backend. AngularJS for the frontend.

  • Designed a brand identity, wrote copy, and implemented a web presence for a local contracting company
  • jQuery for the moving parts; otherwise a mostly static website

Concert — Open Source Audio Collaboration

Photoblog (Currently Offline)

  • Developed a PHP, MYSQL, Smarty, jQuery based photo blogging system
  • Interfaced with Facebook API in order to post links to news feed
  • Live site is now down, however the wayback machine has a cached copy

Intern @ The Monetary System

  • Setup and managed company FreeBSD web server
  • Delivered technology seminars to over 40 CEOs of community banks

GitHub — Various Projects

  • Various projects, open-source contributions, and otherwise public, version-controlled files available at

domain knowledge


  • TypeScript/JavaScript (AngularJS, Google Closure Tools)
  • Mid Level O.O. Languages (Java/C++ (including the STL, Boost))
  • Interpreted Languages (Python (Django), Perl, PHP, Bash)
  • Low Level Imperative Languages (C)
  • Social APIs (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Markup (HTML(5)) & Styling (CSS)
  • Tools (Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Emacs, Zsh, Tmux, Unix, Bazel)
  • Elasticsearch
  • TypeScript/JavaScript (...frameworks come and go...)
  • Java
  • Etc.

Design, Marketing

  • User-Interface, User-Experience
  • Copy, Essays, Editorials
  • Brand Design, Positioning, Identity, Consistency
  • Typography, Color, Composition